Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Golden Birthday

I feel like I have been slacking on my blogging duties and hopefully that will change soon. It has been a crazy few months and we are ramping up for an even crazier few months. This past year has tried me more than I would like to admit. I have changed drastically as a person, some things for the better and some I would like to work on. (This is just my experience) Being a military spouse has hardened me in ways that people may find rude or offensive. It is not an easy life and as a spouse it is my job to hold down the fort while Brandon is away. Sometimes that is easier said than done. I am probably the last person you want to complain to when your significant other is going away for a short period of time...but I will be the first person to do something with you. Brandon and I have spent very little time together in the last few months and sadly it is about to get worse. I guess the reason I am rambling about this is because the weeks leading up to my birthday were some of the most trying I have probably had yet. Everyday it was we are coming home this day, oh now this day, oh and now another day. It was enough to make a person crazy! 

But on a happy note....Brandon made it home just in the nick of time! We didn't do anything crazy on my actually birthday, but we are celebrating this weekend. The biggest thing that happened this year is the launch of my business. I have been able to spend the last couple days really loving and nurturing it. 

This next year is going to be even more trying than this past year, but I am grateful to have such wonderful friends as a support system and really looking at the glass half full as opposed to empty. I have let myself slip into a slump and now am digging myself out. I have realized how much energy and support I get from Brandon and I am so lucky to have him! However, I feel like I am losing my grip on how to be away, which will not be helpful in the coming months. 

I fee like this has been a rambly post, but I needed to get it out of my head. I am looking for the next year and all of the changes that come with it. I will try to be better about sharing our adventures in Okinawa.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

How time flies

I was asked last night how long we have lived in Okinawa for. It's crazy to think that a year ago my mom loaded our stuff into her car and drove us to San Diego. I still remember seeing all of our stuff on the luggage cart and we looked like crazy people that couldn't see over all of our stuff. It amazes me how much has happened in the last year. Tons of firsts and new experiences. We love living here and can't imagine living anywhere else. This year, I personally have learned a lot about myself, who I don't want to be, where I would like to go. I know, I am big on reflection, but I think we can grow from where we have been. Why not learn from where you have been and not repeating the same thing twice. After this year and the craziness, I can't wait to see what is in store for the next two years!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our First Visitors

The past two weeks have been quite a whirlwind. Great, stressful, crazy and even a tad scary.
The first few days I spent enjoying time saying see you later to a good friend from work, and the next day celebrating a promotion for another friend. Later that night my parents and our family friend arrived! I can't tell you how exciting it was to finally have them here. 
We spent their time here in Okinawa running around like crazy people. I loved every second of it and I like to think that they enjoyed it too.
Day1: Brandon got called into work, but before he left he made us crepes! When he left for work, I took everyone else to some of my favorite shops in Okinawa. We picked up Brandon later and went to our version of Home Depot.
Day 2: We went down to Peace Prayer Park and the glass factory. (The glass factory was a favorite of my mom). At the glass factory they got to try one of our favorite treats, Okinawa salt cookie ice cream, from Blue Seal. On our way back to home we went to the Former Japanese Naval Underground. 

Peace Prayer Park

Waiting to make their glasses

View from the tunnels

Day 3: The day started at the SE Botanical Gardens, where we saw the most amazing lily pond. With everyone feeling brave when we left, we took them to one of our favorite places to eat, Coco's Curry. My dad was even brave enough to try Japanese curry. We pit stopped on Kadena, the place Pam lived when she was here. After lunch, we ventured to Cape Zanpa to see the light house and one giant shisa. 

Day 4: We went to Brandon's favorite place in Okinawa, the aquarium. We decided to stay for lunch and try the taco rice and enjoy the beautiful view. On the way back we stopped at American Village. Here we wandered around, looked in the shops. After American Village, we stopped at Gen to try some Okinawan food for dinner.

Day 5: We had a lazy day and went to Torii Station and hung out on the beach. After we were decently fried, we headed home to grill and just enjoy hanging out.

Day 6: For their last full day, we headed to Shuri Castle and the Pottery Village. After the Pottery Village we went to McDonalds for lunch and headed home to clean up for dinner. We went to Sam's Anchor Inn for some teppanyaki. 

The next few days we spent in Beijing, China, while Brandon stayed home to weather the storm. 
We started our China adventure going to the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. We headed to a shopping mall to try some Chinese food. After lunch we just wandered around. The following day we headed to the Great Wall, then had dinner at our hotel.

Tuesday I was supposed to start my trek home, but got stuck in Shanghai, due to the typhoon. I made a friend and we ventured around the city. I went to my first tea ceremony, which was quite delicious

Monday, December 16, 2013

Our little home

It has taken me forever to get the house where I somewhat want things. Those who know me well know that furniture can be moved for a reason and holes in the walls are easy enough to fill!! So that being said, I already have plans to move/add things in our house. But I have been asked for pictures so here are just a few for you!!
The master bedroom

The spare room which is my crafting room

Living room and dining room

The below pictures are our thanksgiving set up and a peak of our kitchen

Friday, October 25, 2013


As my birthday is rapidly approaching I have been reflecting on the past year. I think my birthday is a better time to set resolutions because it is an new year for me (and I don't feel like I am jumping on the band wagon).
This year has been one of the best years of my life. It has been a roller coaster, but it has had some incredible highs.  Last year I got to spend my birthday with the love of my life, my parents, some of my closest friends and my kiddos.  Brandon and I got to spend Thanksgiving with his family,which was super fun. I spent my last Christmas in Arizona with my family (for a while that is). Brandon came home for new years and we got engaged. This news received mixed reactions, but in the end I think everyone was on the same page or at least chapter. We got married in May. The planning process was full of ups and downs. During the planning I got news Brandon got orders to Japan. We moved to Japan and started this new chapter in our life. Brandon went back to Arizona (not good news, but ironic) and while he was gone I finally got a job offer. I started my job this week.
I know a lot of this involves Brandon, but a lot of these are first for us, so it has been a big year for us as a couple. Through the move, I have learned much about myself. I forgot how much I hate strangers, so that has been a fun adventure for me. However, I have made plenty of friends and really created a life here. I absolutely love it and I am so excited that this is where we get to start our life adventure together. It is not a normal experience for most of our friends back home, but we are so lucky to be out here on our own to figure out marriage.
I have also come to the realization it is a great ease into marriage. Brandon and I were not used to being together for long periods of time, so in some ways I was beyond ready for him to go, but in others ways I was finally getting used to our new reality. I think this way we get the best of both. We get to spend time together, but it is likely he will be gone at least 1/3 of the time we are here, if not more. In my eyes it is the perfect balance for us, especially if after this tour he gets out because we had the time to transition. :)
I am hoping 25 is even better! It too will have its challenges with this new life we have, but ones we are ready to face head on!!
Some of my Folley fam on my birthday last year

The crazy kids I spent my birthday with last year

My lovely bridesmaids minus one

Our mommas and me

My wonderful aunts and momma

Belle!! She is my favorite. You'd never know how sick I was in this picture :)

Festival in Oki

B really wanted this shirt :) Oh the irony

So cheers to another great year! Thanks to everyone who made 24 so wonderful.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Just one of those days

Today has been an interesting day. This morning Jason (our sponsor) and I took Brandon and a couple other guys to the they went to Arizona. A few hours after we got back I decided to head up and check the mail. I had a lovely care package from my aunt. She sent us a lap quilt from her church. As they tie the strings, they pray for us. The quilt is then passed around the church. There were some strings left to be tied so she called our family. It also came with a card I have not read because every time I try I cry. It is such a sweet gift that I will cherish.  Then I get a message saying a lady from the church I have been attending was wanting to get in touch with me, so what do I do next....cry.  I have been teary eyed all day. Yes I think part of it has to do with missing my husband, but the other part is feeling overwhelmed by people's kindness.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Big things are coming

Well this is kind of an exciting for the husband and me. We have a new baby niece, which is so exciting!! I can't wait to meet her :)

Our other fantastic news is we are no longer homeless!!! This is the best news ever! We have lived in a hotel for the last month and I am not cut out to me a hotel wife!! We've had to be creative in dinners and just living arrangements.

Our new house is furnished with government issued furniture (at least for the time being). We get most of our stuff in a few weeks. Brandon will be headed back to our home state just a week later. (I know super awesome that we were here for less than two months and he's headed home). The only thing that bothers me is that he is missing my birthday. He could be gone 364 days of the year...just not my birthday or our anniversary!! I know that is ridiculous, but birthdays are my favorite, so it bums me out some. Yes I know marrying into the military this would happen someday...but I don't have to like it :).

We are also getting our first reimbursement check so I can finally have a little liberty and get things like curtains since the blinds are too short!I can't wait to have this place put together. I am waiting on pictures because I want to do before and after...I think it is much more exciting that way!